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Pagina della community di Milano

Milano è la città con più campi da basket del mondo occidentale: più di New York, di Londra e di Parigi. Lo stile di gioco della città affonda le sue radici nello streetball e, sebbene ogni quartiere abbia quartiere abbia un proprio stile di gioco, sono le squadre formate dagli abitanti dei diversi quartieri a dare vita al Milano Basketball.

Nous nous engageons à te raconter des histoires locales en 2021 puisque nous nous sommes associés à des leaders et joueurs locaux pour continuer à développer le jeu au niveau local.

e promuovere l'iniziativa "RAISE THE GAME" in città.

Kam Kader

Born in the Ivory Coast, Kam moved to Italy at the age of 14 and has been using basketball to connect with his community ever since. As he has gotten older, he has evolved as baller as well as a man. Even though he still loves to entertain crowds with his high-flying dunks and aerial theatrics, he is dedicated to passing on the game to the next generation. "I want to be qui to support these guys' evolution process", he describes. He is making sure to be a role model on and off the court with Da Move Crew, Milano's leader in Basketball Community Programs. "Nowadays, players can take advantage of facilities, shooting machines and coaches such as myself". Kam continues to Raise the Game in Milano and we continue to support him and other in their quests.